About Dr. Brown

Harold F. Brown, PhD, MDiv

For more than 30 years Dr. Brown has been professionally involved in the lives of individuals who wish to experience life in a deeper, more fulfilling manner than which they had known. Dr. Brown received his PhD in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara. Integrating this degree along with his master degree in Divinity, he enjoys working with individuals and couples utilizing a psychospiritual approach. He observes that often we adapt to life in ineffective ways which leads to destructive and painful outcomes. When we confuse our adaptive self as who we truly are, we experience shame or other cognitive distortions, emotional difficulties, strained relationships, and addictive behaviors.

From early in his career as a minister to most recently enjoying a private practice in clinical psychology, Dr. Brown assists his patients in becoming more fully aware of and in strengthening core aspects of self which opens them to more fully participate in their own life. Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Brown’s experience includes working with patients within a psychiatric hospital, drug and alcohol rehabilitation retreat centers, and continued outpatient care in both of these settings. Dr. Brown also enjoys teaching and provides supervision for doctoral students preparing to become psychologists.

Harold F. Brown, PhD, MDiv
License: PSY21278
Member of the American Psychological Association